Posted by: bgopi | April 10, 2015

Perforce – Error occurred during the SSL handshake: invalid SSL session

When  you are using Eclipse Juno and when you try to add new perforce connection, you may get this error.

It can be fixed in two ways.

I. install Eclipse Luna and try adding connection

II. you dont want to install new eclipse,

1. run p4 trust command.

you need to install perforce for this, make sure executable permission on p4 and then run below command. If you are using linux, run this command from terminal where you are running eclipse. reopen eclipse after executing this command.

example: $>p4 trust -f

if you see this error: Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT, you need to specify P4PORT as mentioned below

$>export P4PORT=ssl:<your_comapny_perforce_host>:<port>

eg., export

restart your eclipse, this should solve your problem, if not follow below method.

This could happen because of JCE jars you are using may not have unlimited trust, you may need to download unlimited trust jce jars and place them in the JRE location as mentioned below.

a. open Winodw>Preferences>Java>Installed JREs, make sure which JRE you are using (one which has check mark), take note of that location.

b. go to that location, example /usr/java/jdk1.7/jre/lib/security folder

c. place local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar found in the zip downloaded from here:

d. restart eclipse

Now, add new connection, you should be able to add it.



  1. Updating security folder solved my problem. Thanks for sharing the info.

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